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The concept for Online Cottage Rental began while searching for my own summer cottage rentals.

Our family had been renting cottages for years, but I always felt like I was spending way too many hours searching for the perfect cottage. After years of searching frustration, I thought “I can do better.” So I developed my own user-friendly website that encompasses all the search and sort criteria needed to find the perfect weekend cottage rentals, summer cottage rentals or winter cabin getaways as well as vacation homes sales

Online Cottage Rental is designed to help cottage renters and cottage buyers quickly and easily find the perfect cottage spot.

It provides property owners the ability to effortlessly list their property and attract potential renters to their cottage listing.

Online Cottage Rental focuses on Canadian Cottage Rentals and Canadian vacation homes sales, allowing us to specifically target those searching for a cottage rental or sale in Canada. Whether you are looking for weekend cottage rentals, summer cottage rentals, beach cottages rentals or winter cabin getaways you’ve come to the right site.

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