Review Guidelines

Renters Reviews and Owners Responses Guideline

At the sole discretion of OnlineCottageRental, any reviews and owner responses that do not adhere the following guidelines will be rejected or deleted without notice.
General Guidelines for Renters and Owner:
  • All renter reviews and owner responses are the opinions of the respective renters and owners. They do not reflect the opinions of OnlineCottageRental
  • All reviews must be directly related to the cottage rental be reviewed
  • A review must be submitted within 6 months date of stay.
  • Owners and property managers are not allowed to submit reviews on their renters behalf.
Renters who want to submit a review must meet the following requirements:
  • Reviews will only be accepted from people who have stayed at the cottage and the reviewer may be asked for proof of stay such as rental contract or proof of payment.
  • Only one review per time of stay and per group.
  • All reviewers must be 18 of years or older.
Reviews and responses content must not contain the following.
  • Any personal information such as a persons full name, exact location of the property and or any physical addresses, phone numbers, rental rates or any specific contract details.
  • Any comments that contain offensive, violent, vulgar, profane, obscene, threatening or discriminatory (religious, nationality, ethnicity or sexual orientation)
  • A copy of content from another review
  • Content that is unrelated to the cottage rental (either review or response) such as advertising, self promotion, endorsement, religious, political or social commentary.
  • Content that involves a dispute, refund, disagreement of payment/security deposit or any legal investigation.
  • Content the uses all in capital letters
  • Any links to other websites or email addresses
If you believe a review or response does not meet these guideline please email:

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